Monday, 28 March 2011

English letters

Basta depressione su questo blog: quindi continuo a mettere vecchie lettere scritte, e a volte pure risposte.

In english.

Lei mi scrive:

You seem to be frighteningly intellectual.

Io rispondo:

I am frightening, indeed, and for many many reasons ;-)

But I think I can learn a lot about 'frighting people: theory and applications' from someone that writes ...

'Now everyone else who managed to get this far and do not think I'm an obnoxious excuse for a human being, you're welcome to drop me a line. '

and speaks the language that, to my (dumb) knowledge, is the most difficult one to learn (i.e. Finnish).




Qualche giorno dopo, lei mi spiega delle 'n' vocali finniche, al che io replico lamentando la nostra povertà di italici, ridotti a sole 5.
Lei mi consola, dicendo che nonotante tale penuria, l'Opera italiana è ... beh, è quella che è!

Allora io parto in quarta.

Oh my God Opera :D

I must tell you: one of the reason why I want to learn some German is to sing 'The magic flute' most famous arias ... and then try to use that 18th century German as I do with the Italian I learnt in the Opera, i.e. using it in daily conversation (concerning the Magic Flute, I guess it can provide useful hints in case you're attacked by a Dragon in the desert, and this sounds pretty daily to me).

I love Opera - I can't really start writing about it a 11:30 pm because I wouldn't finish that soon ... and maybe because I would just bother you :D

I simply love Italian and Italian literature: you can really mix sounds and meanings together efficiently, and paint with figure of speech the most detailed, photo realistic picture as well as simply sketch the contours of something that cannot be written, or even perceived as a precise unit.

'Ciao bella' just means 'Ciao, you beautiful lady'.
'Ciao bionda', or 'Ciao bella bionda' mean 'Ciao you blondie' or 'Ciao you beatiful blondie'.
But that's pretty standard.
I would rather say 'Salute a voi, vostra biondissima maestà' that means 'Greetings to you, your very blonde majesty'

Scaring friends is just part of the picture.
It can be a spark to trigger .... everything :D



La sua risposta: mi chiede dvo'ero mentre era attaccata da un drago lo scorso solstizio d'estate, e mi chiede se sia proprio italiano o, ad esempio, Svizzero, e si lamenta dei troppi finali tragici nell'opere.

La mia risposta:

Well my dear Dragon Hunter, there are some Happy Endings in Opera :-)
I can suggest you one of the funniest, yet so serious from a musical point of view, that is the Barbiere di Siviglia, by Gioacchino Rossini.

No dead people at all, and an very happy ending (but the story goes on not as idyllically as you may think in the Nozze di Figaro)

Let me take a look at my log ...

Two weeks ago I was fighting in the sunken world of Atlantis against the rage of Poseidon - then I dropped by at Ulysses's palace but he wasn't at home ... how surprising!!

Here is a tip directly from Agatha Christie, the novelist.

Of course your dazzling beauty is not fading at all, as your victory over the bad Dragon clearly demonstrates.
Your smile could smite a horde of dragons!

By the way, this tip could be useful in 150 years or so ;-)
So ... Agatha Christie's husband was an archaeologist.
She once asserted that the older she became, the more attractive her husband found her ;-)
So, my tip is: look for archeologist ;-)

Does this also answer your question about my nationality?
I'm not serious enough to be Swiss :D

I'm Italian, but be careful: there are two kind of Italians.

Italians and me.


E poi è andata avanti (mettero' piu' tardi le altre lettere).

Ecco, come un pirla ne avevo incontrata una interessante ... e l'ho persa.
Ecco una per la quale davvero rammaricarsi.


  1. Devo dire che la tua ironia è, se mai possibile, amplificata in inglese.
    Complimenti davvero!

    p.s. smettila con i "giuchi di ruolo"!! :o)))))


  2. Cara Joh, apprezzo ENORMEMENTE questo suggerimento.
    E oggi, credimi, non sarei tanto vago.