Monday, 24 January 2011

English letters - part one

I've written many letters in the last years to people, mostly girls, from all over the world.

I've met them at conferences, at parties, or just in my imagination.

Far from being my lovers or even simple friends, all of these girls have meant something to me, at least for some time.

These are few sentences taken from those old, useless, letters.


You are fantastic.
You would have really deserved to be immortalized by Cezanne, or Manet.
Today, you could be the main character of a Japanese manga, and you are the main attraction of this planet for the sun beams.
And, apparently, you are also a sufficient reason for a perfect stranger to write you such a crazy message.
There is this thing, shyness, that sometimes just stop us from telling the truth.
So, as we don't really know each others, as we live in two different countries, and as we will never meet again ... I don't have such a problem and I take the opportunity to tell you what many secret admirers around you are too shy to tell you.
Next time you will be in front of a guy, just look into his eyes, beyond his shyness you will be reading the words I wrote you before.
Now that you know the truth ... use it wisely!

PS: riporto qui lettere che ho scritto ma non indirizzato a nessuno.


  1. Peccato non siano mai arrivate alla legittima destinataria...

    :) :) :)

  2. Dubito avrebbe apprezzato questa parole scritte da me ;-)
    Pero' posso fare il ghost writer per fustacchioni, questo si!