Friday, 5 November 2010

Take me to the river tonight!

Conoscete GrooveShark?
Beh, questo è un buon modo per entrare in confidenza con questo servizio, non trovate?
E non è bellissima Patti Scialfa?

That's right,
That's where I wanna go tonight,
I wanna go to that riverside,
I wanna find that river of life,
I wanna find that river of love,
I wanna find that river of faith and that river of hope.
Tonight I wanna go to that river of transformation where you can go and where you can be changed, but you gotta work out it, that's right.
I wanna go to that river of saintification, where all life graces and blessings can fall down upon you like rain, but you gotta work out it.
I wanna go, I wanna go to that river of resurrection where everybody get a second chance, but you got to work out it.
Tonight I wanna go to that river of sexual healing and companionship.
I'm not a bullshit-maker out here!
But you just don't stumble on to those things, you don't find those places by accident, you gotta seek them out and search afternoon, and that's why we are here night, after night night after night night after night because you can't get to those things by yourself, you gotta have help.
But that's where I wanna go tonight and I want you to go with me, because I need to go with you, that's why I'm here.
And tonight I wanna throw a rock 'n' roll exorcism, a rock 'n' roll baptism and a rock 'n' roll bar mitzvah*!
That's right! we're gonna doin' all tonight, everything, right here!
I want the waters to fall down on me and set me free, set you free.
But I stood one evening as a young man before a dark row of trees and I was frighten to pass through those trees even no I knew that on the other side the river of life was waitin' me, and it was cold beer at a reasonable price, and [...]
even, pizza for everybody!
But I stood paralyzed by my own fears, and then a gipsy woman called me on and then she said: "Son, come here,let me help you! What you need? What's your line?"
And I told her what I did for a livin and she said "Well, then what you need, you need a band! You need some help!".
And that's why I'm so glad to introduce here tonight on the piano the secretary of inteligence, the dean of university of musical perversity "professor" Roy Bittan on the piano!!
And now I wanna introduce the minister of faith an friendship, keeper of all legal rights on E Street and star with "The Sopranos" television show Little Steven Van Zandt on the guitar!
I wanna introduce the foundation of the E Street nation, the Tennessee terror, Mr. Garry W. Tallent.
And on the drums a man that brings the power night after night after night after night, the minister of the big beat and star of "Late Night" television, the mighty, mighty Max Weinberg!
On the guitar, the godfather of the guitar, the minister of heart and spirit, the great, great Nils Lofgren!
And on the organ, on a Hammond B3 organ and accordion healing from Flemington, N.J. the minister of mistery brother Dan Federici!
And Now "Brunettes are fine, and blondes are fun, but when it comes to get a dirty job done it takes a ...
Red headed woman,
Yeah, I said I'm looking for a
Red headed woman,
I'm searchin' for my baby
Red headed woman,
I'm beggin' baby please
Red headed woman
I'm down upon my knees, in supplication, in sexification, in the love education,

Baby take a walk in toy land
Be my hero play the part
I'm falling down hard from salvation
Come protect this china heart
Though my party dress is torn
I still walk and talk and cry and crawl
And I've got no one on my arm
Well I am just a rumble doll

The first lady of love on the guitar and vocals miss Patty Scialfa!!
Now last but not least, that's right: last but not least!
I'm talking'bout the minister of soul, secretary of the brotherhood, the next senator of the state of New York!
Do I have to say his name
Do I have to say his name?

Say who!

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